Virginia 'Pepper' Potts.
CEO of Stark Industries and Tony Stark personal assistant.
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She nodded, “I think everyone was more worried about him then you since you got him good.” She whispered and looked over at him before leaning back in her seat.

"Yeah I think I went too hard on him…" Pepper grinned and shook his head. "He must be really angry at me, so…Be careful. He might try to kiss you again just to see me angry." He said.


7am and my stepdad woke me up with ice on my back. this is definitely not the best way of waking me up when I need to be in a good mood where we’re going…

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He sat more comfortably now that she was finished, blindly admiring her patchwork on the wound with a glance up towards the forehead he couldn’t see. “Yeah.” He looked back to Pepper, his brows knit slightly in remembrance. “You said it must just be some weird 24 hour thing. Why?” Tony eyed her with caution as he spoke, her own facial expressions raising some suspicion. 

Pepper nodded and dropped her hands to grab his, squeezing it softly, bitting the inside of her cheek. “Yeah, that’s the reason why I went to the doctor. It isn’t a 24 hour thing.” She then shook her head, taking a deep breathe, green eyes locked on his. “I…I’m pregnant.” She whispered, closing her eyes.

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"What, you changed your mind? I told you I could stay in the guest room, you didn’t have to leave your bed just so I can be comfortable."

Pepper was in the perfect position to be the little spoon, Tony noted.  He curled up next to her, not really wanting to go into full spooning mode right away.  Let it happen naturally.  For now… he shut his eyes.

Pepper was so tired that she fell asleep seconds later, didn’t even notice Tony getting closer to her.



"Well, Texas Tech wanted me to speak at their graduation ceremony… like you signed me up for.  And I figured as long as I’m trying to be more of a responsible adult, I should show up sober and everything.  So I did.  That much went well, anyway."


"Well, you showed up sober but hours later you were totally drunk, Tony." 




As much fun as their swim was, when Tony latched onto an idea he rarely let go of it.  Somehow or other he was going to get Pepper good and wet on video.  She’d be angry, but she’d forgive him - she always forgave him.

Pepper knew that she would forget about that and Tony was going to take opportunity of it and do what he wanted. 



"I was bored sick and would invent problems to amuse myself.  Or make you do it.  Approach B did tend to work better, as I eventually realized."


"Yeah I would do the same if I had to be a superhero."


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